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Hey Petty people,

Thought it'd be a good idea, every Monday, to do a weekly wrap-up—a sort of status report on what Liberty and I are up to in regards to the Archives. Eventually, I'd like to expand on this concept a bit more, but for now let's keep things simple. "Don't bore us, get to the chorus."

If you're on Facebook, Liberty will keep you up-to-date. But if you're not, here's a RSS feed for the Site News. Just put the URL into your preferred RSS reader and you'll get updates. 

Hey Petty people,

Aimee here. Some of you probably remember me as the original founder of the Archives, and hopefully some of you will be glad to see me back (with a bit less temper too). If we haven't been acquainted before, pleased to meet you.

Anyways, not long ago Liberty contacted me because the Archives was continually going down. I drilled into the grimy inner workings of the site, tweaked a config setting here, examined some logs there—and the results weren't exactly what you'd call optimistic. The site was bursting apart at its seams.