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Hey Petty people,

Here's your second interview for this week, and one of my all-time favorites. From Musician magazine, it was published in 1983, at the heyday of the Heartbreakers' popularity. 

"I enjoy girls immensely, and I think they're part of what a rock concert should be. Whenever I go to a punk show and it's all boys on the dance floor, I think, 'Hey, there's something missing here. Where's the sex?'"

As always, enjoy. And in store for tomorrow: another of my all-time favorite articles...

- Aimee

Hey Petty people,

I've gotten together another bunch of magazine interviews. So it's that time again. From Monday - Friday this week, I'll be posting an article a day. 

Today's interview is an early one, all the way back from 1977, and appearing in British music magazine Sounds:

"I know the punk thing is very big in England but in the States we checked out CBGB's when we played New York and it seems to me that it's eighty percent image and twenty percent music. And we're not against image—that's why none of us are weighing two hundred pounds and wearing straw hats—but it seems to me that it's the music that should be more important."

Hope you enjoy! I'll have another one for you tomorrow.

- Aimee

P.S. I'd like to give my regards to the cool people over on Mudcrutch Farm. I'm not going to list any names lest I forget somebody, but you know who you are.

Hey Petty people,

Getting the next batch of magazine articles typed up for you guys. Taking a bit longer than I'd like. 

So for now, have an early concert review.

Hope you like it,


Hey Petty people,

After a bit of discussion, Liberty and I decided to replace the Discord chat with a shiny new IRC channel. Well, not that shiny. IRC is older than the World Wide Web.

Best part: You don't need to sign up for an account! Just pick out a nickname and join. (If you come up with a really good nickname and don't want others to steal it, you can register it - but that's optional.)

If you just want to hop in, you can use this link

If you've already got a favourite IRC client (I like HexChat) it's #ThePettyArchives at (port 6667). If you have problems with that, try

Hope to see you there. (I leave it open all the time, so if I don't respond right away, just wait a while. I'm probably asleep or away from the computer..)

- Aimee