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Hey Petty people,

Prepare for trouble! And make it doub–actually, what the fuck am I doing?

Oh yeah. The interviews. Surprise! Here's two.

Guitar Heroes - February 1983 

"People that come over sometimes think I'm strange, or that it's hard to talk to me. I've done interviews where I was playing the guitar and they'll say, 'will you stop that, because it's going all over my tape and I can't hear what you're saying?' It's what I like to do. You'd think I'd be better than I am from playing all that much!"

International Musician and Recording World - February 1983

"But they were actually doing something new and exciting; and they were good enough to get away with it and still make good music. Trouble was, what happens after that is that everyone starts playing fifteen-minute numbers. And that's when got bored and stopped listening. Maybe that's what gave me the confidence to start writing songs seriously myself in the first place. I had to do it for myself because it was the kind of music I wanted to hear."

And now I've gotta type up some more.

- Aimee (listening to Half-Life 2: Episode Two Soundtrack - Sector Sweep)