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Image Source Description Notes
  • 1960s-xx-xx_EpicsBusinessCard
Business card ca. mid-1960s Business card for the Epics Lists TP's phone number
  • 1960s-xx-xx_EpicsNewspaperClipping
Newspaper clipping ca. mid-1960s Newspaper clipping featuring the Epics “THE EPICS, Gainesville’s number one band buys their equipment from the number one music store LIPHAM’S MUSIC CO. 1004 N. Main”
  • 1960s-xx-xx_EpicsPoster
Poster ca. mid-1960s Poster for the Epics  “THE EPICS LOVE YOU!”
  • 1970-12-13_MudcrutchFarmFestival
Poster ca. December 1970 Mudcrutch Farm Festival on Sun., Dec. 13  
  • 1971-04-24_FlashCosmicBlades
Poster ca. April 1971 Flash & The Cosmic Blades on Sat., April 24 Stan Lynch’s first band
  • 1971-08-21_RoseCommunityCenter
Poster ca. August 1971 Mudcrutch and Lynyrd Skynyrd on August 21  
  • 1972-03-03_Mudcrutch
Poster ca. March 1972 Mudcrutch on Fri.-Sat., March 3-4 "Gainesville's #1 Boogie Band"
  • 1973-01-05_Mudcrutch
Poster ca. January 1973 Mudcrutch on Fri., January 5  
  • 1973-01-12_Mudcrutch
Poster ca. January 1973 Mudcrutch on Fri.-Sat., January 12-13 "Prior to Tasmanian Tour"?
  • 1973-02-03_Mudcrutch
Poster ca. February 1973 Mudcrutch on Sat., February 3  
  • 1973-02-09_Mudcrutch
Poster ca. February 1973 Mudcrutch on Fri., February 9 Benefit for earthquake victims
  • 1973-02-24_Mudcrutch
Advertisement ca. February 1973 Mudcrutch on Sat., February 24 Possibly a newspaper or magazine clipping.
  • 1973-07-30_MudcrutchRoadTurkey
Poster ca. July-August 1973 Mudcrutch & Road Turkey from July 30-Aug 11  
  • 1974-11-09_Billboard
Billboard -- November 9, 1974 Recording Studio Brief mention of Mudcrutch
  • 1977-04-26_Whiskey
Poster or newsclipping ca. April 1977 TP&HB at the Whisky on April 26-27.  
  • 1977-08-xx_New-Wave
New Wave (magazine) -- August 1977 Subscription to magazine offering free record  
  • 1977-08-07_The-Los-Angeles-Times
The Los Angeles Times -- August 7, 1977 TP&HB at the Whisky on August 12-13.  
  • 1977-09-04_The-Los-Angeles-Times
The Los Angeles Times -- September 4, 1977 TP&HB at the Santa Monica Civic Centre on Thursday, Sept. 15 Opening for Be Bop Deluxe
  • 1977-09-12_Catalyst
Poster or newsclipping ca. September 1977 TP&HB at Catalyst on Monday, Sept. 12  
  • 1977-12-02_Riveria-Theater
Newspaper clipping ca. December 1977 TP&HB at the Riveria Theatre on Friday, Dec. 2 With Elvis Costello and the Attractions
  • 1977-11-07_The-Red-and-Black
The Red & Black -- November 7, 1977 See notes I thought this would be interesting to include. Between the "Epitome of Punk Rock" thing and the fact that TP&HB were performing in N.Y. that night, it's likely it's not TP&HB but the Johnny Thunder Heartbreakers.
  • 1978-xx-xx_TheNewAlbum
Advertisement ca. 1978 You're Gonna Get It!  
  • 1978-xx-xx_YoureGonnaGetIt
Advertisement ca. 1978 You're Gonna Get It!  
  • 1978-04-10_DelMarTheater
Poster ca. April 1978 TP&HB at the Del Mar Theater on Mon., April 10  
  • 1978-05-13_FreebornHall
Poster ca. May 1978 TP&HB at the Freeborn Hall (U.C. Davis) on Saturday, May 13  
  • 1978-07-11_OhioStateLantern
Ohio State Lantern - July 11, 1978 Record store offering TP&HB albums on sale  
  • 1979-10-27_Billboard
Billboard - October 27, 1979 Damn the Torpedoes  
  • 1979-11-21_TheDailyIowan
The Daily Iowan - November 21, 1979 TP&HB at the Hancher Auditorium on Tues, November 28. "Tom Petty's hard-driving, dynamic show is a must to see. His style is concentrated in straight-ahead rock 'n' roll featuring fresh melodies and solid playing reminiscent of the Byrds and Stones."
  • 1980-10-06_Billboard
Billboard -- October 6, 1980 TP&HB on Backstreet Records  
  • 1981-06-16_Cleveland
Newspaper clipping ca. June 1981 TP&HB at the Coliseum on Tuesday, June 16  
  • 1981-07-04_OttawaCitizen
Ottawa Citizen -- July 4, 1981 TP&HB at the Civic Center on Monday, July 20.  
  • 1982-xx-xx_LongAfterDark
Poster (store display?) ca. 1982 Long After Dark  
  • 1982-xx-xx_LongAfterDarkEuropeanTour
Poster (?) ca. 1982 Long After Dark European Tour  
  • 1982-12-03_Stockholm
Poster ca. December 1982 TP&HB at the Isstadion (Stockholm, Sweden) on Friday, Dec. 3.  
  • 1985-03-02_Billboard
Billboard -- March 2, 1985 Southern Accents "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Southern Accents
Don't Come Around Here No More is the return of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. From the upcoming album Southern Accents, the song and the album mark numerous firsts.
The sixth album for Petty and the band since 1982's Long After Dark, Southhern Accents' highlights include collaborations with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Robbie Robertson of The Band fame. Tom Petty and Dave Stewart co-wrote three of the album's nine tracks, combining with long-time Petty-Heartbreakers' co-producer Jimmy Iovine on the production of the three songs, including Don't Come Around Here No More.
Robbie Robertson co-produced with Petty and Iovine "The Best Of Everything" for the album and on the track, Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson, also formerly of The Band, make special guest appearances on backing vocals and keyboards, respectively.
Southern Accents is the latest progress report from Petty and The Heartbreakers ... Mike Campbell, guitars; Stan Lynch, drums; Benmont Tench, keyboards; and Howie Epstein, bass. And the progress is what you would expect from one of rock's most creatve bands that has been responsible for Don't Do Me Like That, Refugee, You Got Lucky, American Girl, Breakdown, I Need To Know, Listen To Her Heart, Even The Losers, The Waiting, and so many more. Their's is a style and musical signature that is not only instantly recognizable, but has also earned them the plaudits of critics and fans alike as well as scores of platinum and gold certifications. When the Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.) initiated their multi-platinum certifications in 1984, Tom and the group's Damn the Torpedoes, of course, was one of the first recognized.
Southern Accents is the logical extension of the group's previous albums. Recorded in Tom's home studio, it is the powerful work of a band that has carved out their turf and still possesses the confidence to continue to grow."
  • 1985-06-01_Billboard
Billboard -- June 1, 1985 Southern Accents Tour  
  • 1985-06-15_Billboard
Billboard -- June 15, 1985 A radio special? I'm not sure. "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Best Of Everything
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in a 2-hour artist profile that delivers their absolute best. In-depth interviews with Tom and the band that chart the progress of their unique sound and style. Plus their best songs, including Breakdown, Don't Do Me Like That, Refugee, some rare live recordings, and their latest hits, Don't Come Around Here No More, Make It Better (Forget About Me), Rebels, The Best of Evetrything and It Ain't Nothing To Me from their MCA lp Southern Accents.
The Best of Everything can be yours. Call 212-664-5538."
  • 1985-06-11_Centrum
Newspaper ad ca. June 1985 TP&HB at Centrum in Worchester on June 11-12  
  • 1985-08-31_Billboard
Billboard -- August 31, 1985 Westwood One Radio Special "Westwood One Presents: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
First Radio Concert in 5 Years!
Superstar Concert Series is proud to present Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in their first national radio concert in five years, an exclusive performance airing Labor Day Weekend on more than 450 Westwood One Radio Network affliliates throughout North America.
Recorded during the Southern Accents Tour '85's July swing through Texas and Oklahoma, this powerful show features the group delivering 90 minutes of classics from their six LPs -- from "American Girl" to "Rebels" and including "Breakdown," "Listen To Her Heart," "I Need To Know," "Don't Do Me Like That," "Refugee," "The Waiting," "Change Of Heart," "Don't Come Around Here No More," "Make It Better (Forget About Me)" and more.
Join Tom and Heartbreakers MIKE CAMPBELL, HOWIE EPSTEIN, STAN LYNCH and BENMONT TENCH, plus the fabulous three-piece Soul Lips Horns and a pair of sizzling backing vocalists, as they wrap up the long, hot Summer of '85 in fine Southern style -- with one foot on the stage and one foot on the pedal!
brought to you by Coke & Sprite
  • 1986-05-10_Billboard-1

  • 1986-05-10_Billboard-2
Billboard -- May 10, 1986 True Confessions tour (Bob Dylan w. TP&HB) "Westwood One Radio Networks Present

Bob Dylan with Tom Petty + The Heartbreakers Alone + Together
True Confessions Tour

The Westwood One Radio Networks proudly announce the sponsorship of one of the decade's greatest rock & roll events: Bob Dylan, in his first major national concert tour in five years, with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, joining forces for the True Confessions U.S. concert tour. They'll hit the road with a June 9 performance at the San Diego Sports Arena and tour throughout the summer. Dylan with Petty & The Heartbreakers will also be joined on four big concert dates by none other than The Grateful Dead! Westwood One is the only broadcast medium to sponsor major rock tours, and the True Confessions tour not only marks yet another of the networks' precedent-setting national tour sponsorships, but the first it has undertaken without a co-sponsor. By sponsoring Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Westwood One now moves from the radio to the road with two of rock & roll's greatest attractions. So get in on the excitement of this summer's Big Event -- Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' True Confessions U.S. Tour -- brought to you exclusively by the Westwood One Radio Networks."

  • 1987-06-05_Caravan
Poster ca. June 1987 TP&HB at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Friday, June 5  
  • 1988-01-30_WinnipegFreePress
Winnipeg Free Press - January 30, 1988 MuchMusic (Canadian TV station) special "Tom Petty Taped Live In Israel
Ancient Jerusalem provides a colourful backdrop as Tom Petty performs hits such as 'Breakdown' and 'Refugee' and shares the insights of a well-travelled rocker."
  • 1991-10-09_TouringTheGreatWideOpen
Poster ca. Oct. 1991 TP&HB at the Meadowlands Arena on Oct. 9, 1991  
  • 1991-11-24_OaklandColiseum
Poster ca. November 1991 TP&HB at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday, Nov. 24  
  • 1992-04-03_Malmo
Poster ca. April 1992 TP&HB at  the Isstadion (Malmo, Sweden) on Friday, April 3  
  • 1994-01-23_LawrenceJournalWorld
Lawrence Journal-World -- January 23, 1994 Tom Petty: Going Home (Disney Channel documentary) "An engrossing look onstage and off as Petty performs past and present hits. George Harrison and other rock stars speak about the main Heartbreaker."
  • 1994-10-29_Billboard
Billboard -- October 29, 1994 Wildflowers  
  • 1995-02-xx_SPIN
SPIN -- February 1995 Wildflowers  
  • 1995-06-13_ShorelineAmphitheatre
Poster ca. June 1995 TP&HB at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Tuesday, June 13  
  • 1995-11-25_Billboard
Billboard -- November 25, 1995 Playback "The Extraordinary 92-Track 6-CD Box Set
Featuring 27 Previously Unreleased Songs And 15 Hard-To-Find B-Sides Is Packaged With An 84-Page Book Containing Their Revealing Biography, Track-By-Track Analysis And Many Rare Photographs From Over Two Decades"
  • 1995-12-01_LeNouveauQuotidien
Le Nouveau Quotidien -- December 1, 1995 Playback French version of the Playback ad.
  • 1996-07-27_Billboard
Billboard - July 27, 1996 She's The One  
  • 1999-04-03_Billboard
Billboard -- April 3, 1999 Echo  
  • 1999-05-02_CantonObserver
Canton Observer -- May 2, 1999 TP&HB at the Pine Knob Music Theatre on June 18-19  
  • 1999-08-27_EchoTour
Poster ca. August 1999 TP&HB at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Aug. 27-28  
  • 1999-11-06_Billboard
Billboard -- November 6, 1999 High Grass Dogs DVD "High Grass Dogs: Live At the Fillmore
The first live concert video from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers since 1992. This intimate show includes classics like 'Free Fallin'' and 'Breakdown,' as well as the rarely performed 'Mona,' 'Country Farm' and 'Angel Dream.'
  • 2003-08-29_GunslingerPoster
Poster ca. August 2003 TP&HB at the Snowking Amphitheater on Friday, August 29  
  • 2005-06-10_TheOrangeCountyRegister
The Orange County Register -- June 10, 2005 TP&HB at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on August 14.  
  • 2006-07-02_PepsiCenter
Poster ca. July 2006 TP&HB at the Pepsi Center on July 2-3  
  • 2007-xx-xx_RunninDownADreamNewspaper
Newspaper ad ca. 2007 Runnin' Down a Dream  
  • 2007-xx-xx_RunninDownADreamPoster
Poster ca. 2007 Runnin' Down a Dream  
  • 2007-10-14_LakelandLedger
Lakeland Ledger -- October 14, 2007 Runnin' Down a Dream "In this 4-disc set, the story of one of America's great rock and roll bands is told as never before. At the heart of the package is Runnin' Down A Dream, a film directed by cinema legend Peter Bogdanovich.
Tracking Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from their Gainesville, FL beginnings to their 30th Anniversary celebration, Runnin' Down a Dream is the hard-hitting account of a band that's created a body of work that is among the richest deposits in American musical history."
  • 2010-xx-xx_MojoTour-1
Poster ca. 2010 Mojo Tour  
  • 2010-xx-xx_MojoTour-2
Poster ca. 2010 Mojo Tour  
  • 2011-10-06_PettyFest2011
Poster ca. October 2011 Petty Fest 2011 on October 6, 2011