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► Liberty is a copywriter with three AA degrees (EnglishCreative Writing, and Liberal Arts and Sciences) and a BA in English: Technical and Professional Writing from Indiana University. She is also an avid fan of British television, fancy cars, gardening, and photography. She runs The Petty Archives Facebook page. She also helps with financial, legal, design, and original content for the Archives. Her copywriting portfolio is mslibertywhite.com.
Favorite Petty Album?
Currently, it's Wildflowers but it used to be Long After Dark. Her favorite song is the acoustic performance of Walls from the Fillmore in '99.
Other favorite musicians?
She enjoys 50s oldies, 60s and 70s rock, 90s rock, and current alt rock/pop. Favorite artists include Led Zeppelin, Hozier, Cage the Elephant, Kaleo, The Who, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.

► Aimee is the original founder of the Petty Archives, an avid gamer, and a writer. She handles the technical details. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and is owned by two cats. Her first computer was an IBM Aptiva E Series, and her favorite video game is Half-Life. Her taste in music and video games alike can be best described whatever catches her interest for more than five seconds.  She can usually be found over in the IRC channel, or her own personal website.
Favorite Petty Album? 
It switches between Damn the Torpedoes and Long After Dark depending on her mood.  
Other favorite musicians?
As long as a radio station has Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and April Wine, she's happy. She has a particular fondness for Canadian bands such as the Guess Who, Loverboy, and the Tragically Hip. She also enjoys video game soundtracks.

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