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The Petty Archives

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

The Petty Archives costs around $120 per year to host. This is paid entirely out-of-pocket.

We accept donations for our hosting fees. All donations go directly to DreamHost and do not pass through the administrators.

Why should I donate?

Both admins who run this site, Liberty and Aimee, have worked countless hours to build and maintain the archives.
Both administrators are in their twenties and do what they can to stay afloat.
They juggle other projects (like work, university, etc) along with the Archives.
We would be grateful to be able to save money on the site, since we do everything for free, along with paying hosting fees.
The money we save from hosting will most likely go to medical bills, food, or tuition.
View the About Us page to learn more about Aimee and Liberty.
Furthermore, this site is ad-free.

I want to donate. What should I know?

The money goes directly to our DreamHost account and we cannot access the funds or use them for anything other than hosting. If there are any chargebacks, our DreamHost account may be at risk or suspended and the website would be taken offline. If there is any risk of chargeback, please do not donateOtherwise, we are happy for your help and generous gift. 

Already donated?

If you've already donated any amount to our hosting, please contact us using the same email address and we'll add your name to the Dedications page.

We have all gathered for the love of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and we appreciate the kindness of the community in helping us keep the archive running.