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Hey Petty people,

Almost forgot about the wrap-up this week. Been pretty occupied. For news around the web (or just Google Alerts), apparently Kevin Bacon's band (he has a band?) made a song about a Tom Petty T-Shirt, and Ann Wilson will be releasing a cover of "Luna" on her new album, Immortal.

Onto the weekly wrap-up!

My new website: Last week I mentioned I was working on a few things of my own. Well, here it is:

My own little niche on the web. Right now it's mostly just a list of some fanfiction I wrote a few years ago, but I plan to add more to it soon, including music reviews. I'd really appreciate it if you take a look. I'll link to it on the About page too.

Aside from that, not much really more to report. See you again next week,

- Aimee (listening to...some sort of insurance advertisement on the radio, I guess)

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