The Petty Archives

"I don't know if it's just Gainesville, maybe it's the whole country, but there are few places where you can go into a club and actually hear musicians doing things, playing rock. 'I'm into jazz, I'm past rock & roll.' That's a fairly common excuse. Rock music is just pretty rare these days."

- Tom Petty

Did You Know...

...that during winter tours, Stan Lynch would pack a Hanukkah menorah?

...that Bob Dylan and Tom Petty once showed up to a press conference wearing ridiculous make-up?

...that Tom Petty once forgot the words to one of his own hits?

Random Quote

"I never really thought success would solve all my problems, so I'm lucky in that respect. You want to think that when you become successful you'll wake up one day and all your problems will have been cleaned up, But you've got to clean them up."

- Tom Petty