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Tom Petty grows with Wildflowers
By Shereen Kinney
The Racquette - March 23, 1995

You don't know how it feels to endure the success an artist like Tom Petty has, but you can experience a fine product of his which exemplifies his great talent and mastery of creativity.

Wildflowers, the latest from Petty, could be considered a 15-track signature of the singer's self and musical expertise. From ballads to hard hitting cuts, Tom Petty hides nothing on his latest Warner Brothers release.

"Wildflowers," the first song from the album, is an uplifting piece on freedom that one should find for themselves. Whether the "you" referred to in the song is anyone in particular or not, the lyrics could be applied to any person who needs to step out of their rudimentary life and realize their own attributes. As the song goes, "run away, go find a lover. Run away, let your heart be your guide. You deserve the deepest of cover. You belong in that home by and by."

Track two from this hit by hit album should be familiar to listeners. "You don't know how it feels" gives a powerful portrayal of individuality, uniqueness, and aloneness felt in this world where no one seems to understand you. The catchy beat, harmonious harmonica, and hypnotizing guitar solos give this song a quality all it's own. A definite repeater.

"You Wreck Me," also a released single from Wildflowers, is certain to keep the listener tuned in for more of its same fast-paced drums and crescendos and decrescendos. If you can listen to this song without tapping your feet or playing a little an guitar or drums you'd better have your pulse checked.

On a softer note, Petty sprinklers a few nice sounding ballads throughout the CD. "Only A Broken Heart," "Crawling Back To You," and "Wake Up Time," are all slower cuts that should not be missed.

There are other songs which fall somewhere between Petty's ballads and in your aces harder tracks. "Don't Fade on Me" is a perfect example of acoustic guitar performance. "To Find A Friend" combines both acoustic and electric guitar for a country-rock sound. The words give the just of this true to life song. "And the days went by like paper in the wind. Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend."

The list goes on and on. Wildflowers is quite simply good music that will someday become vintage. I suggest giving Wildflowers a "test drive" if you haven't already. If you liked his last album, you'll most definitely love Tom Petty's Wildflowers.