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Random Notes
By Sheila Rogers
Rolling Stone #545 -- February 9, 1989

Being neighborly occasionally has its rewards, at least for Tom Petty. Last year,  in the days before the Traveling Wilburys, Petty was driving his car in L.A. and came to a red light. "I looked over, and there was Jeff Lynne at the same red light," he says, "So I waved him down, and it turned out he just lived up the street from me." Lynne began dropping by the Petty house, and the pair wrote a couple of songs together. They then put them on tape at Heartbreaker Mike Campbell's house. "I liked [the songs] a lot," says Petty, "and I realized that it wasn't Heartbreakers stuff, so I just thought I'd bang out an album real fast, just for the fun of it." The result is Petty's forthcoming album, Full Moon Fever. Though it's a solo effort, Petty says he's recruiting members of the Heartbreakers to appear on the album. Other musicians include Petty's Traveling Wilbury brothers Lynne, George Harrison and the late Roy Orbison, plus the Bangles and Jim Keltner.