The Petty Archives

"Okay, howzabout 'Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' is purely and simply the best mainstream rock debut by any American band this year and anyone who doesn't rush out and buy the booger immediately don't know nuthin!' And yes, I really do believe the first half of the statement to be perfectly true."

- Giovanni DadamoSounds magazine

Did You Know...

...that theĀ Hard PromisesĀ tour was delayed because Tom Petty injured his knee on a trampoline?

...that Tom Petty and Stan Lynch got into an altercation with the Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten?

...that a prankster modified one of Mike Campbell's effect pedals to yell "GO GATORS"?

Random Quote

"I like those old cheap rock songs. I really do, as much as I like 'Born to Run,' you know, but I just had this theory that if it's a good song, whatever that is, it will endure. I think any songwriter that stands up and plays the guitar and really thinks that he's changing the world and singing to millions needs a tomato in the face."

- Tom Petty