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By Catherine Rhea Roy
The Hindu - August 22, 2010

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Mojo
Tom Petty is not freefalling anymore and is back along with the rest of the Heartbreakers in their latest, eight years too late dynamite, "Mojo". The album is a collection of signature Heartbreaker numbers with an amalgamation of blues, rock and a little bit of reggae, and could not be more aptly named.

At 60, Petty reminds us that despite age his mojo has not been compromised. The album also allows guitarist Mike Campbell to stand up and take a bow, several times. The album on the whole is very relaxed and although it does not compare with their previous work it still makes you sit up and take account.

"Jefferson Jericho Blues", goes country with the beats and the rhythm, and the feel is sustained through the entire album at different tempos. "Don't Pull Me Over" could be the bands tribute to the Rastafarians, in more ways than just the relaxed reggae; note to reader, pay attention to lyrics. This however could be the weakest link on the entire album.

"I Should Have Known It" reinforces Mike Campbell's' status as one of the best in the business, while the song isn't the best on the album it is definitely worth a listen even if only for the guitar genius. "High In The Morning" is the strong base that this album sits very comfortably on, and very easily contributes to a large part of the success of this album.

"Candy" takes us back to a blues club in Illinois, but with a harmonica missing in the line up. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show a languid feel in their album and it works for them. Old timers may not be very impressed, but for first timers the album could be a revelation.