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Mojo | Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers | Warner
Review by Luke Kenny
Hindustan Times - June 28, 2010

Tom Petty has always been a fan of straight up rock 'n' roll with a bit of the blues thrown in. A lot of his music reflects his influences and contemporaries from people like Bob Dylan and George Harrison, to bands like the Beatles and The Yardbirds. But having said that, Tom Petty is his own musician, his own rock star and his own influence.

This is his 12th studio album with his band The Heartbreakers and it's an album of all the honesty one has come to expect from a hardened bunch of musicians led by the charming Tom Petty. The smirky delivery of lyrics and the simplistic arrangements make this one a breeze to listen to. An interesting thing to note is that the album was recorded live in a studio with most musicians including  Petty playing on vintage equipment. Now that's cool.