The Petty Archives

Review by Ian Nathanson
Metro Vancouver - May 9, 2008

Mudcrutch | Album: Mudcrutch | Label: Reprise/Warner | Release Date: April 29 | 4/5
Tom Petty's pre-Heartbreakers outfit finally gets its shot at making a full-length debut -- three decades later. Yet as this better-late-than-never reunion proves, Petty, Tom Leadon (brother of ex-Eagles member Bernie Leadon), Randall Marsh, and eventual Heartbreakers cohorts Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench would have made a half-decent '70s act. A little bit country (Shady Grove, Queen Of The Go-Go Girls), a little bit Heartbreaker-esque rock 'n' roll (Bootleg Flyer, Scare Easy, The Wrong Thing To Do) and the occasional off-the-beaten-track trek (the swampy jam of Crystal River, Tench's This Is A Good Street) round out essentially a fun-filled journey to Petty's past.