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Garage band memories
By Beth Abbott
Gainesville Sun - Friday, October 12, 2007

Growing up in Gainesville, I lived on 23rd Street right across from Benmont Tench, the bass player and sometimes keyboarder for the Sundowners.

The Tench garage was a frequent rehersal sight being that the Judge was out many evenings and Mrs. Tench loved to have the boys over. The newly formed band would walk to the closest homes and make sure that it was O.K. for them to practice that night. They prefered the garage door open, but could get by with it closed if there was a potiential concern in the neighborhood.

My family's love of music always had my mother, Betty Abbott saying,"Boys, be sure to leave the doors open so we can enjoy your music!" I remember thinking, "those boys just aren't going to make it to the big time."

I'm glad that I was wrong. I'm so proud of our Gainesville boys and their determination to take their music all the way. It gives me pleasure to think back on their humble beginings whenever I hear one of their #1 songs or albums.

They probably don't remember the blonde pig-tail girl from across the street, but I sure remember them!