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By Bob Gendron
Chicago Tribune - July 8, 2007

10 influential post-punk-era double albums that deserve to be performed live
Tom Petty "Wildflowers" | (Warner Bros., 1994) | (Two vinyl LPs, One CD)
Tom Petty's second "solo" effort is a single-disc affair. But it's always been available as a double LP. And when in 2003 Petty embarked on a series of intimate club shows, the standouts were the rarely played "Wildflowers" cuts. Stripped-down and carefree, the collection hasn't a bum note amid a warm tapestry of relaxed pianos, acoustic guitars and brushed drums. Without trying for a certain sound or style, Petty made his most personal statement. To hear the studio leftovers and solo takes would be some kind of wonderful.