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Review by Joe Curran
The Viking Views - September 22, 2006

Tom Petty: 'Highway Companion' | 8.0
"Saving Grace," the first single from Tom Petty's new album sets the standard for the rest of the CD. The first single on the album starts off with some good old-fashioned rock and roll. The song opens with "I'm passing sleeping cities..." From Petty's first album in 1976 to his latest release in 2006, he has certainly passed a number of sleeping cities. "Highway Companion" is his 19th album in 30 years, and his third solo album.

Petty plays all the instruments on the album like a man with 30 years experience. The sound is easily identified as Petty, but compared to his other albums, this one is a little more mellow. He mixes his signature rock and roll sound with a little bit of softer Neil Young mixed in. If you liked Petty's albums in the past, then this album is for you. "Highway Companion" is the perfect companion for future lonely drives.