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Highway Companion | Tom Petty | 4/5
The Straits Times - August 22, 2006

An exceptional songwriter often mentioned in the same breath with Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Thomas Earl Petty is an iconic American minstrel whose contributions to rock sadly tend to float by unnoticed by many of today's music fans.

It's a shame, especially considering that Highway Companion just might be one of the most exciting rock 'n' roll albums this year.

Petty's tribute to the open road, Highway Companion is immaculately crafted, light-heartedly delivered and eclectic in scope.

But its greatest joy can be found in the emotions that piggyback on Petty's heartfelt tones: From the pulsating blues of Saving Grace to the jangly pop of Flirting with Time, Petty has come up with another mature effort that is nothing short of ear-pleasing.