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Tom Petty, "Highway Companion"
Review by Linda Gampert
Oregon Daily Emerald - Thursday, August 3, 2006

Grade: A
"Highway Companion" is just that. Put it in the CD player, kick back and drive on the open road. Petty's third solo album is a little less fantastic than the previous two, but don't be fooled. It's still a decent nod to bare-bones rock and roll. It's a simple album that does nothing new or daring but falls ack on what Petty does best and that's made great music.

Rolling Stone Magazine even admits, "In a career that has now reached its thirtieth year, Tom Petty has never made a bad album." And it's the truth. Unless one does not actually like Petty, then he has made a truckload of bad albums that just don't seem to stop.

One can easily picture Petty, guitar in hand, humming each one of these songs. Some things get better with age, some get worse, but Petty seems to stay about the same. "Highway Companion" is worth the drive to CD World.