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The top five albums to help heat up your summer
Review by Matt Rennels
The Daily Eastern News - Wednesday, August 1, 2001

I like four things in life. Baseball, girls, summer and music. So for the sake of combining things I like, let me fill you in on my favorite summer albums. Look in the next issue for my favorite baseball girls.

2. Tom Petty - Wildflowers
Tom Petty has always written the most infectious pop songs, finely crafted on a fine line balanced between heart and soul.

No matter what, you can be certain that Tom will deliver a fine summer album perfect for passing the time in the heat. Without the help of his friends who were busy breaking hearts, he dished out a perfect album on every scale, especially the one of summer proportions.

It all starts with a refreshing start, the title track 'Wildflowers,' bringing the album into a state of sincere simplicity, necessary on any Tom Petty release.

With summer anthems like "You Don't Know How It Feels," "It's Good To Be King" or the gritty heat accompanied "Honey Bee," this album is an essential piece of any summer collection.