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An 'Echo' of Earlier Days
The Los Angeles Times - April 19, 1999

Will Tom Petty's "Echo" resonate with fans? That's the title of the new album from Petty and the Heartbreakers and the early critical appraisals call it a return to the jangling rock roots of the veteran rock outfit. Will that also mean a return to strata of multimillion-unit sales? The release got off to a somewhat sluggish start, according to Scott Levin, a music marketing executive for the Musicland national chain, who described it as "the strongest release--of a very weak week." Other retailers said they expected the album to debut stronger after the band's recent performances on "Saturday Night Live" and "Late Night With David Letterman," but all agreed it would likely pick up steam when the group kicks off its first tour in five years this summer. "[Music aimed] at his audience doesn't hit as hard as some of the youth stuff, especially some of rap stuff, but it has longevity," said Bob Feterl, regional manager for Tower Records. Watch this week for an announcement of the band's tour dates--early word from the Petty camp is the Los Angeles-area shows will be in August.