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Martin's Music
By Dale Martin
The Victoria Advocate - Sunday, November 24, 1996

Tom Petty has been seen recently hanging out with American Records president, Rick Rubin, at various posh Los Angeles night spots. This adds to the rumors that Petty may jump ship soon and sign with this label once his Warner Brothers commitment is complete. Though no one knows for sure, one thing that is certain is their friendship and mutual admiration. Rubin invited Petty and his band to sit in on the recent Johnny Cash sessions and Petty asked Rubin to co-produce his latest "She's The One" CD. Tom had been asked to write a few tunes for the movie of the same name and that task led him to coming up with an album worth of material. It was decided that he and the Heartbreakers should do the entire soundtrack. What resulted was a tight collection of songs that fit the movie perfectly.

From the first single, "Walls," to the final departure song called "Airport," Petty and the boys take you on a journey of life's ups and downs while dealing with relationships between men and women. There's a rocker, "Zero from Outer Space." There's some country, "Change The Locks," written by Lucinda Williams. And there's some pop, the Beach Boys-inspired "California." While keeping within the confines of the movie's central theme, Petty still offers plenty for all music lovers.