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'She's The One': Petty sounds pretty good on movie soundtrack
By Fred Shuster
Wilmington Star-News - August 23, 1996

LOS ANGELES -- Tom Petty's latest is the Songs and Music from the Motion Picture 'She's The One.'

If nothing else, the average pop fan (as opposed to a Tom Petty fanatic) will come away from this near-excellent soundtrack with a new respect for Mr. Petty's pure pop craft.

Walls, Mr. Petty's current radio hit and the best track on this collection, is the epitome. Halfway through hearing it for the first time, anybody with even the slightest ear for melody will be able to sing along with the infectious chorus.

But there are other rewards, too. Hope You Never is a great bitter breakup song; Supernatural Radio and Grew Up Fast are among Mr. Petty's moodiest recent numbers. And fine covers of tunes by Lucinda Williams and Igor Stravinsky of Silver Lake, known as Beck, are welcome additions.

The production by Rick Rubin, Mike Campbell and Mr. Petty is just right, without the rehearsed-to-death feel of a few of Mr. Petty's previous discs.