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Lend Them Your Ears: Standout Collections Whose Time Has Come
By Jim Farber
New York Daily News - Tuesday, December 5, 1995

TOM PETTY and THE HEARTBREAKERS | "Playback" | (MCA) | 3 Discs
Nearly three hours on Tom Petty's six-CD set have never before been heard by the American public.

Most of us could do without the live tracks (since few major artists put on as snoozable a show as the Heartbreakers). But luckily, nearly all the band's B-sides and outtakes outpace most rockers' A sides and album tracks. Even throwaways, like the California-rock "Heartbreaker's Beach Party," carry a certain authority.

To boot, we get choice covers of obscure Nick Lowe and Van Morrsion numbers plus, of course, three full CDs of greatest hits. A find for any fan.