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By Regan Moran
The Klondike Sun - Thursday, July 13, 1995

Tom Petty | "Wild Flowers"
This CD woke me up out of a deep sleep and helped put me on the long open road to the land of the Midnight Sun.

So yeah, I do like it.

Get in your car, truck, D7 caterpillar, backhoe loader, canoe, dog sled, let the wind take your hair back (if you have any), throw in this tape with your free hand -- and crank those tunes!

It will help you get to where you have to be.  You can say what you want about Tom Petty, but you have to agree this guy has staying power; he has consistently put out catchy hits for over a decade and "Wildflowers" is an album that will more than satisfy his loyal fans. Oh sure, there will be those discontented souls out there whining about how this release is just commercial rock, candy-coated tunes and it is true that some tracks like "You Don't Know How It Feels" have been flogged dead over the airwaves; but as usual the stations don't play all the songs and the best of the album remain unplayed on the big airwaves.

The honey starts to drip with "Wildflowers", the title track, and the pace is then picked up as you find yourself lacing up those wandering shoes with the bullet smooth lyrics of "Time to Move On."

Who can keep those 'ole feets' still with lyrics like: "but under my feet baby, grass is growing, yeah it's time to move on, it's time get going." There are some beautiful mellow ballads like "Only a Broken Heart," and the inspirational lyrics of "Wake Up Time" will help you get up off the floor and out into the blue sky -- but Petty kicks in with the raunchy "Honey Bee" to rough up the edges of this silky compilation.

"Crawling Back to You" will make you feel like crawling back to whoever you can and "Cabin Down Belong" continues the bittersweet lessons of LOVE.

So, if you like Tom Petty, you already have these tunes, or at least have borrowed them off a friend you never saw again, and if you don't like Petty -- don't read this review.