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Tim & Tom Talkin' Turkey
By A.J. Benza & Michael Lewittes
New York Daily News - Thursday, June 8, 1995

What do you get when you put Tom Petty and Tim Burton in the same room? Aside from an unintelligible conversation set to haunting and predictable guitar riffs, we don't know much else. But we do know Tom and Tim are kinda hoping a really cool movie idea might come out of it.

Sources tell us the guys have been taking meetings at a serious pace in hopes of making this idea a reality by next summer. What the film will deal with is uncertain. Aside from Tom and his big old cowboy hat and teeth, we're not sure what else the film will feature. But we do know it will show Tom and his band playing from gig to gig, but will somehow wrap a plot and storyline around that. A source close to the project told us we should expect "a cross between 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Spinal Tap' with the kind of plot line that only Tim Burton could work with." We also hear we can expect cameos from the likes of Petty and Burton fans like Johnny Depp and Kim Basinger. Cool.