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Bands: Drummers move to up-down beat
By Steve Knopper
Youngstown Vindicator - Saturday, January 28, 1995

The drummer's stool is often not kept warm by the same body. Maybe it should be replaced with a revolving door.

The great influence of '90s rock, it turns out, isn't Neil Young or Iggy Pop or even the Troggs.

It's Pete Best, and you know his story: He joins the Beatles, they dump him, they achieve worldwide fame, and Best spends the rest of his life as a professional footnote.
There's ample recent evidence of Best's legacy:

-- Stan Lynch must have suspected something when, after 19 years of drumming for Tom Petty, he was the only Heartbreaker who wasn't invited to play on either of Petty's solo albums. Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton, Bryan Ferry) has replaced Lynch and one-night-stand-in Dave Grohl.