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Review by John Lyons
Winnipeg Free Press - November 12, 1994

Tom Petty | Wildflowers | Warmer | ★★★½
Petty doesn't deviate much from his normal path here. Wildflowers isn't as a strong or consistent a performance as his first solo outing, Full Moon Fever, but it's a leap ahead from his last Heartbreakers album, Into The Great Wide Open.

There are some catchy songs here (You Don't Know How It Feels, and It's Good To Be King, To Find A Friend), some grinding numbers (Honey Bee, House in The Woods, Crawling Back to You) and some poignant lyrics (Don't Fade On Me, Wake Up Time).

Wildflowers also has a few throwaways (Time to Move On, Hard On Me). But it contains more hits than misses.