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Editor's Note: This is a review of the Mobile Fidelity Lab reissue of Hard Promises.

Silence Isn't Golden
By Bruce Britt
Youngstown Vindicator - Thursday, November 26, 1992

While audiophile and fervent collectors may be the primary buyers of audiophile CDs, the stark differences between standard and audiophile releases of CDs may entice more casual listeners to spring the extra green for the audiophile copy. Here are a few of the high-quality remastered discs now available:

"Hard Promises"
The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab edition of Tom Petty's "Hard Promises" is filled with cymbals that are crisp and sustained, guitars that actually sound plucked and drums that have a pounding oomph rather than dull thunks. Throughout the disc, the sound is open and airy. Outside of the great sound, 1981's "Hard Promises" holds up as an excellent disc from an equally excellent artist.