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West Reviews Local Music Scene: Encourages Trinity To Seek Alternate Social Scene
By Pat West
The Trinity Tripod - December 10, 1991

"Hartford sucks."

Well, that may be true, but since everyone seems to complain that there is nothing to do around Trinity, here's a list of the top show that happened this past semester. There are clubs and bands out there worth seeing if you're willing to investigate a little. It's a real pain with clubs always gearing shows around making money and selling alcohol, but this is a rundown of the top 10 shows which went down when you were complaining that there was nothing to do except watch "Baywatch."

9. Tom Petty -- he supposedly put on a very good show for the half-full Civic Center crowd. He played long, well, and with emotion, or as much emotion as he can show. If you like that type of rock, he was the guy to go see.

The shows are out there to see, so go see them. The Bad Brains, Public Emeny, the Ramones, White Trash and others are in the area soon and should be checked out. If transportation is a hassle, call up WRTC to see who's going, and who knows, you  just may win tickets! So next semester, go out and see some good bands to liven up your Trinity experience.