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Editor's Note: That's a funny album title screwup.

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Galway Advertiser - August 1, 1991

Into the Wide Blue Yonder - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: It's been a while since Petty released an album with the Heartbreakers and in the interval the southern rocker with the sardonic outlook has diversified into solo work (the very successful "Full Moon Fever") and Wilbury-work (the two Traveling Wilbury albums). Now he's back with the band and the results are excellent! Petty's music has a sun-drenched, open skies quality that comes across best in a hot-shot convertible with the top down. There are no "big thoughts" on a Petty album, but somehow that never seems to matter very much because the playing is always so good and so damned listenable! On this new release, Petty brings on board fellow Wilbury Jeff Lynne who perfectly complements Petty's fascination with the Byrds. In fact, chief Byrd Roger McGuinn sings along on one of the tracks "All The Wrong Reasons." Petty's music is an attractive mix of nostalgia and guitar rock and by now he can regard himself as the near-peer of any of his idols/influences. This is quite simply a very good album that is perfect summer music. Verdict: 9/10