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Wilburys put together hard-rocking second LP
By Marty Racine
Houston Chronicle - Sunday, November 11, 1990

Vol. 3 | Traveling Wilburys | Warner Bros. | ★★★½
Jokingly titled "Vol. 3," the Traveling Wilburys' second album dodges the sophomore jinx by taking a different flight path than the debut. It rocks harder, tackles more serious topics and hits a purposeful band-oriented groove.

Now we've got "Muddy," "Boo," "Clayton" and "Spike" Wilbury, a k a Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne, who've consolidated after the death of Roy Orbison, the fifth "Wilbury." The four have discussed a tour if individual schedules can accommodate it, but as of this writing none has been announced.

Although the Wilburys' flippancy surfaces in "Wilbury Twist", and while the guys retain a back-porch air, the music here cuts deeper. "Seven Deadly Sins" and "The Devil's Been Busy" report that it's crunch time for environmental and moral considerations. Throughout, Dylan's influences are paramount (Jeff "I Wish I Were A Beatle" Lynne and Harrison's styles have become indistinguishable).

Dylan's contributions, in fact, are more poignant than on his new "Under the Red Sky" album, proving that occasionally an artist's ego needs to be submerged for the good of the cause.