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Galway Advertiser - November 8, 1990

Traveling Wilburys 3: Well, they're back! And though it's inevitable that Volume 3 lacks the sheer element of delightful surprise that belonged to Volume 1 (Volume 2 is so hard to get, men have died trying!), and Lefty Wilbury (to whom this new set of tracks is dedicated) has gone to that big recording studio in the sky, I think this latest offering from the remaining Wilbury brothers is every bit as good -- and in some cases better -- than its predecessor. If we drop the aliases for a moment, at time this sounds like a new Bob Dylan record! Lyricwise, Dylan's presence is very strong, especially on tracks like "Where Were You Last Night," and "If You Belonged to Me" (this is classic Dylan and recalls the great days of "Blood on the Tracks" and "The Basement Tape"). "7 Deadly Sins" is doo-wop number that sounds like those '50s songs made famous by the late Del Shannon and the still-with-us Dion -- it's both parody and homage. Tom Petty contributes a couple of typically off-the-wall tracks -- "Poor House" and the very funny "Cool Dry Place," and the foursome really have a ball of "The Wilbury Twist" -- hope they make a video of this one! Harrison and Lynne chime in beautifully throughout (when are we going to get another album from George?). My favourite song, though, is "The Devil's Been Busy" -- splendid lyrics, brilliant playing, and driving rhythm from those two maestro session-men, Jim Keltner and Ray Cooper. Don't listen to all those smoothies who'll be telling you -- "Naw, it's not as good as the first one." It is. Verdict: 9/10 (only because Lefty's voice is sorely missed).