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Wilburys recording again
The Tuscaloosa News - June 7, 1990

The Traveling Wilburys, the band consisting of rock legends Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne, currently is recording the follow-up to its tremendously successful 1988 debut album.

The fifth Wilbury, rockabilly pioneer Roy Orbison, died soon after the release of the band's debut album. The Wilburys reportedly were considering replacing the singer with Del Shannon, but those plans were dashed after Shannon's death last year.

Lynne recently said the Wilburys are recording their new album as a four-piece band.

"You just can't replace Roy," Lynne said.

"So this (album) is only the four of us, and we're using the same process we used on the first one.

"It's basically us sitting around in a circle with acoustic guitars."