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Grammys cap 'year of veterans'
By Andrew Lawler
The Red & Black - Thursday, February 22, 1990

Regardless of how the 32nd Grammy Awards turn out, this will be forever known as the year when "everything old was new again."

This was the year when rock and roll veterans, some with over 25 years of experience, returned with music as fresh as their first hits.

1989 saw ex-Eagle (and if all goes well future Eagle) Don Henley returning with his best work in years. "The End of the Innocence" was that rare creation, a critically acclaimed album, that sold lots and lots.

"Heartbreaker" Tom Petty weighed in with "Full Moon Fever," his most recent solo effort. "Fever" not only garnered Grammy nominations, but also helped put some quality videos back on MTV.

Petty was also recognized by Grammy for his work with "The Traveling Wilburys," the latest of rock's supergroups. The band, with over 200 cumulative years of rock experience, also features George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, and in almost his last performance, Roy Orbison.

If anything symbolized this year's Grammys, it was the return of, until John Lennon returns from Heaven, rock's greatest living group -- The Rolling Stones. The Stones released a best-selling album, went on a tour that's already grossed over 100 million dollars, and (although Grammy-less so far) were nominated for "Mixed Emotions," in the best rock vocal, duo or group category.