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Singer Goes on Hiatus
By Marilyn Beck
The Victoria Advocate - November 8, 1989

HOLLYWOOD -- Tom Petty is taking a hiatus from his music career.

"I've been working for two years straight without a break," says the rocker -- who just completed a worldwide tour and whose debut solo "Full Moon Fever" has been one of the best sellers of 1989. "I just want to live life a little bit. You can't write songs if you don't live life sometimes. So I'm not doing anything for the time being -- much to my management's distress."

Petty expects his next album -- whenever he puts it together -- to reunite him with his Heartbreakers band. "Maybe down the road I'll do another solo album," he tips.

Meanwhile, Petty isn't ruling out the possibility of a second album by the all-star Traveling Wilburys. The group -- which consisted of Petty, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne (and the late Roy Orbison) -- "would like to do another album," says Petty.