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Short Stop For A Traveling Wilbury
The Straits Times - May 5, 1989

Tom Petty (below) caught the Full Moon Fever, his first album without the Heartbreakers, in spells, though he started on it two years ago.

The Traveling Wilburys project sidetracked him, then Roy Orbison got him to help with his comeback album, Mystery Girl. When he had a relapse of the Fever, he added in the odd note-phrasing and kinks from other groups -- like The Byrds and The Searchers -- sounds he had picked up along the way.

There is even a nonsense play of the Connie Francis tune, My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own, in is A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own.

"I didn't want the album to be too serious," he told Rolling Stone magazine. And he did not break with The Heartbreakers. They will be releasing two albums soon.

The single, I Won't Back Down, from Full Moon Fever is no No. 1 in the rock charts. The album should be out this week.