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Petty sings solo
The Milwaukee Journal - March 28, 1989

Tom Petty's much-anticipated, first solo album "Full Moon Fever," finally hits the stores April 24. Most of the 12 songs on the disc were recorded early last year -- before Petty joined George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne to make the hit "Traveling Wilburys" LP. But some of the Wilburys also participate on "Full Moon" -- Harrison plays guitar and sings background vocals on "I Won't Back Down," the first single to b released from "Full Moon," and the late Orbison recorded some of the vocals on the "Zombie Zoo" track before his death. Petty denies rumors that his solo disc means a split from his Heartbreakers group -- he and the Heartbreakers are working on a new album, and he's hinting that he and the Heartbreakers will go on tour together this summer.