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Orbison says rockers want to sound like him
The Milwaukee Sentinel - April 9, 1988

Roy Orbison, who made his fame decades ago with such hits as "Pretty Woman" and "Only the Lonely," said in a recent interview that nowadays everybody wants to sing like him.

Orbison, 51, said from Malibu, Calif., that he worked with today's recording artists, and "with some of the people, because of who they are, I expect that we'll be writing a rock 'n' roll turn. And it turns out that they have more of a Roy Orbison-type ballad in mind."

But, he added, "nobody dominates the writing sessions, it's just whichever of us has the hot idea at the moment."

Earlier this week, Orbison, Tom Petty and former Electric Light Orchestra Jeff Lynne worked on a new album that is expected to come out later this year.