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Shy People
By Patrick Goldstein
The Los Angeles Times - May 3, 1987

Outtakes The Sequel
There are plenty of familiar faces in "Jammin' Me," the new Tom Petty video of his current hit that just debuted on MTV. The clip, which offers a nightmarish look at media overload, features news footage of such TV titans as Col. Kadafi, Crazy Eddie, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ronald and Nancy Reagan and the Pope, plus clips of KKK rallies and South African riots.

But guess which celebrities were so publicity shy that they wouldn't give the video makers permission to use footage?

Said Petty's management, evangelists Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker and Oral Roberts refused to allow any clips.

"There are a lot of strange rules about getting permission," explained director Jim Lenahan. "We had no problem with the Reagans or the Pope, because they're public figures. But Oral Roberts and the other TV evangelists apparently didn't qualify."

Other holdouts: the producers of "People's Court" and TV used-car tycoon Cal Worthington and his dog Spot.