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Rockers go acoustic for benefit concert
The Spokesman-Review - November 10, 1986

Several of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll recently gave an offbeat benefit concert in Mountain View, Calif., sans electric guitars. The acoustic marathon offered four hours of star performances for the Bridge School, which trains physically handicapped students who cannot communicate verbally.

Apparently the rock stars weren't exactly at home without their amplifiers.

"I feel like I'm out here in a jock strap and socks," said Don Henley to the sold-out house at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

"I've never done this before in my life," said Tom Petty, who repeatedly asked the audience, "How am I doing so far?"

But the oddest moment of the evening, according to a review in Variety, was a solo spot by Bruce Springsteen. He "launched into a strange, a capella version of 'You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch')," said Variety, "which was originally an electric guitar rave-up. More than anything, Springsteen sounded like someone singing along to his Walkman. Call it shaky, but definitely very brave."