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Editor's Note: I find this hilarious.

Baked Bean Bob
Glasgow Evening Times - April 25, 1986

At a recent American press conference, hailed to announce their joint tour, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty stunned journalists by turning up sporting elaborate make-up which would have done Joan Collins proud.

Petty wore a deathly white foundation, heavy duty mascara and lots of baby pink highlighters. Dylan opted for a thick layer of orange-tinted fake tan and ended up looking like a baked bean.

Now this sort of behavior is all very well for chaps like Boy George, but this pair are supposed to be clean-cut, straight-shooting rock'n'roll stars.

"We were stuck backstage for over an hour and we just got bored," drawled Petty.

"So we just let the make-up artists get on with it because we had nothing else to do."