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Ram Album Picks
The Ram - Thursday, December 5, 1985

6. Tom Petty | Southern Accents
Though less convincing as a concept album, Southern Accents marks a turning point for Petty and Co. The album is really half of a concept album, (the songs written with Eurythmic Dave Stewart have nothing to do with Petty's return to his roots) and whatever Petty's driving at is never really clear. Nonetheless, there are some great tracks on this album. "Don't Come Around Here No More" is one of the catchiest weirdo tracks to ever hit the airwaves (sitars in the 80's?), and "Spike" is perhaps the most underrated song of the year. The critics who have accused Petty of "redneck rock" should give this song, in which Petty makes fun of a group of rednecks making fun of a punk rocker, another listen.