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Rock's mamas and papas: Tuning in to what their kids like
By Gary Graff
The Montreal Gazette - Saturday, October 12, 1985

LOS ANGELES -- Not too long ago, in rock 'n' roll's early days, the battle cry of parents around the world was some variation of, "Turn that noise down!"

Of course, the noise-players of 20 years ago are the parents of today, so thee's more appreciation for rock 'n' roll at home. And quite a few of the noise-makers -- the rock 'n' roll musicians -- are parents themselves. And for them to discourage rock at home would be like a butcher raising vegetarians.

During the past year, we've asked some major pop stars what their children listen to. Here's the interesting -- and often surprising -- batch of answers.

Tom Petty: Petty, 33, said his 3-year-old daughter doesn't listen to much, but her older sister, 9, "listens to everything. She kind of grew up in the back of an amplifier, so she understands all sorts of music, even if it's not very fashionable. But she likes her Duran Duran and all that too."