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Call it gaudy, but this stage isn't Petty
Spokane Chronicle - May 7, 1985

Tom Petty will be giving his now-healed hand (broken when he smashed it into a wall last October) a through workout this summer.

The rock star and his Heartbreakers are planning to make their first concert tour in three years. Accompanying the group will be a massive set, built to look like a southern mansion.

Petty, whose "Southern Accents" LP sold more than a million copies in its first three weeks of release, is currently having the set -- dubbed "Tara-West" -- built in a Southern California warehouse.

Designed to look like the front of a plantation manor, it'll include pillars that house sound monitors and lighting boards.

Plans call for Petty and the Heartbreakers to be on the road June 6 through Aug. 3.