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A look back at the 'musical pleasures' of last year
By Kevin Bicknell
The Red & Black - Wednesday, January 20, 1982

The first reason to do a top-ten list is because it's fun. You get to look back on the albums and singles that gave you pleasure all year and organize it into some perspective. It is also an ego trip, a chance to communicate and a summing-up of the year.

The most interesting part of last year was that the good albums did not stand out as much as the good singles and that is why I am including a list of the top-ten singles last year. Also, as I didn't review most of my personal top-tens, commentary has been added to the listings. Kick out the jams.

The Top Ten Singles
5. "The Waiting" by Tom Petty. "Hard Promises" was disappointing, but this Byrds-meets-the-Rolling-Stones songs leapt off of it. The only thing that salvaged "96 Rock" this year.

Any conclusions to be drawn from one man's top-ten? Aside from an overall surplus of good music? Only that rock audiences still demand the best and if you start us up, we'll never stop.