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Editor's Note: This is a response to this  concert review.

Tom Petty concert review criticized
by Robert Roth (letter to editor)
Beaver County Times - August 9, 1981

It may not be of overwhelming importance to the majority of your readers, but the article concerning (what should have been concerning) the Tom Petty concert had as much appeal to me and my fellow readers as it had truth. Quite obviously the some 7,000 spectators went to see Tom Petty. I can back this statement up by simply saying no one I spoke to knew who the warm-up group was. It would therefore seem to me that the article naturally should concern the group which put on a spectacular and vastly superior show, Tom Petty of course!

Now don't get me wrong, Joe Ely wasn't bad, if your interests lie in country music, but then if they did, why would one be going to see T.P.? In the future I might suggest that reporters cover the main attraction and not be sidetracked by a sideshow. Certainly if one person's opinion was printed, then why not mine?

Tom Petty was great!