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Earth Anthem
By Jo-Ann Wong
The Deseret News - Friday, January 18, 1980

The crews made it here Wednesday night but Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers didn't. They said Petty had a sore throat. The show was cancelled and so was the appearance of opening group, "The Fabulous Poodles."

True to their name, the postponement broke many hearts including mine. It would have been a rare opportunity to see what this group is about. I especially wanted to see the man "Newsweek" magazine called "rock's swaggering new savior."

Petty borrows a little musical histry from the Byrds and the Rolling Stones. His recent hit, "Don't Do Me Like That," sounds like something from the The Band.

Petty adds some soul shouts, good lyrics and a direct approach with good effects.

Critics have been kind to Petty, and his three albums have been praised. Some compared the band to that of Van Morrison or Roger McGuinn.

The Heartbreakers were formed three years ago in Los Angeles, but the musicians had met in Gainesvlle, Fla., and moved to L.A. over a period of four years. Besides Petty, the band includes Mike Campbell, guitars, Stan Lynch, drums, Benmont Tench, piano and Ron Blair, bass guitar.

The Poodles have bene a favorite of mine. They strive for a fun approach to music. They are entertaining and thrive on lunacy.

Violinist Bobby Valentino, the one who looks like Clark Gable, said, "We don't take too many things seriously. We write some fun lyrics. Too much music is too artsy. Our style is fun."

As a Chicago radio station music director said, "Every five or six years, the 16-year-old kid puts his foot down and demands his own music, instead of his older brothers'. That kid makes his wants known, and that's why rock is outlasting everybody's expectations."

Petty and the Poodles are pioneers in this new wave. They are part of the essential rock movement. Their music is basic because they recognize their roots.

Very unfortunate that Petty and the Heartbreakers and the Poodles didn't perform. Hopefully, they will be able to reschedule on their next tour.