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A Rock Round-Up: Best rock releases of 1978
By Jim Sullivan
Bangor Daily News - December 9, 1978

6. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -- YOU'RE GONNA GET IT! (ABC/Shelter)
If only for writing two of the best singles of the year, "I Need to Know" and "Listen to Her Heart," Petty should claim Top Ten status. But he and his group go beyond that. Embracing the commitment of the best 60's bands, and refusing to be limited by any media classifications, the Heartbreakers turn out extremely vital rock 'n' roll for the late '70s. They've assimilated their influences (most obviously the Byrds and the Yardbirds) and come out with refreshing music, uninhibited by extraneous ego-flahsing. The songs are personal, but universal as well, and making that connection is so important. Petty does it consistently.