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Tune In: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
St. Petersburg Independent - Saturday, October 7, 1978

In the record world, prophecies are very risky to make and seldom fulfilled. Last year a record critic said that 'if they last' Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will 'provide much needed adrenalin for American rock.'

But if the string of chart-toppers that the group has turned out this year is any indication, the Heartbreakers are giving massive transfusions to the music scene.

Petty, whose roots come from the music of Roger McGuinn and the Byrds, the Beatles, and Van Morrison, has a crusade to give AM radio 'back to the kids' and his group is the one that's doing most of the delivering.

'Listen to Her Heart,' written by Tom Petty, is proof positive that the Heartbreakers will be around quite a while longer -- a condition that many think is plain incontestable.